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-Article courtesy of the Marco Review-

Off The Hook Adventures, offers Marco Islanders and Naples Florida visitors exceptional boat tours on their beautiful and relaxing sailing catamarans **

for over 19 years**. 

“In 2012 we were pleased to announce that

we added another 6 passenger sailing catamaran to our fleet. Now we offer double the fun for couples, families and now accommodating groups of up to twelve people with both catamarans sailing together.

Our sailing catamaran boats are both very comfortable and perfect for relaxing and touring for Dolphins and wildlife.

A shaded canopy beneath the boom covers the entire back deck,

which has cushioned seating with back support stretching along each side,

and offers a welcome respite from the hot Florida sun. But if catching some

rays is what you have in mind there are two large trampolines up front with

plenty of sunbathing space for everyone.

Off The Hook Adventures’ boats also feature a large cooler with an assortment

of sodas, bottled water and light snacks including chips, crackers

and cookies for your enjoyment.

When I was lucky enough to join a recent trip with Off the Hook

Adventures, the captain used his outboard motor to take us from Caxambas

Park and Marina to a nearby small mangrove island which is home to nesting

brown pelicans (which until 2009 were on the endangered species list),

great blue herons, and snowy egrets. When we were close to the island he

told me that erosion is causing this amazing bird sanctuary to get smaller

every year and he is working with local islanders and experts to see if it

can be preserved and protected. However, in spring and early summer it

is still possible to get some great photographs of adult and baby brown

pelicans there. As we continued the eco tour, we made our way across the pass

to a sandbar off Kice Island where the shelling is second to none. We

were accompanied by a curious dolphin who constantly appeared and

reappeared around the boat and swam alongside us, watching our every

move. When our companion eventually tired of the chase and swam

off to join a pod of dolphin fishing in the bay, the captain anchored the

catamaran on the sandbar and pulled it close in so that, with the aid of

some small steps, I was able to gently ease myself off the boat and into

the ankle deep-waters. Left to explore the beach while the captain secured the boat, I gazed

out across the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico and felt as if I was

the only person in the world. It was absolutely gorgeous and despite

my decision not to take a bag for shells (I didn’t want to get sand on

my camera) I just couldn’t resist collecting a few perfect sand dollars

and some of the quite rare shells which dotted the powder soft sand.

When he caught up with me, the captain was a mine of information

about the shells I had collected and the flocks of seabirds which

fringed the shoreline. He also told me that sometimes, especially in the

spring, the water here is as crystal clear as it is in the Keys, so he keeps

snorkeling equipment on board in case some of his more adventurous

passengers wish to use it. Summer and early fall is such a great time to

take this trip because the warm waters are perfect for manatee, and

loggerhead sea turtles come in closer to shore during their nesting

season. Off The Hook Adventures’ passengers will often see dolphins,

manatees, and turtles during their guided tour. And now it was time for the part

I had really been looking forward to… setting sail!

The captain expertly raised the sails, cut the engine and

with no fuss at all we were slicing through the shining waters with barely

a sound. The feeling of exhilaration with the wind rushing through my

hair was matched only by the excitement of seeing a spotted eagle ray

jump from the water as we skirted the shore of a deserted island just

south of Marco. I ask you… what more could you want?

For more information about Off The Hook Adventures you can

visit their website at www.offthehookadventures.com

or text message 239-571-4665