• Please arrive to the marina 10-15 minutes before scheduled departure time to allow time to find parking and prepare for your tour.

  • **Effective January 1, 2022 the collier County commissioners have raised fees and taxes.**Parking is very limited due to poor planning and lack of regulation. Other kayak or tours ending should open up parking. Or maybe it is easier to just take an Uber.
  • Parking is now $10 for all vehicles without a local current Collier county beach parking pass. 
  • The new fees are a result of  high person capacity tour boats and large commercial rental operations monopolizing parking and dock space.
  • All tours only depart from Caxambas Marina

  • Here is a link https://offthehookadventures.com/directions-find-us

  • This is a great time to apply sunscreen and use the restroom facilities at the marina, so you are ready when your sail boat arrives to the docks.

  • The catamaran sail boat will be arriving to the marina docks for the charter 5-15 minutes before your scheduled tour start time. When you see the sailing catamaran boat pull into the docks you are welcome to go on down to meet the captain.

  • Off The Hook Adventures’ Sailing Catamarans provide a comfortable seating arrangement with cushioned bench seating, a soft trampoline deck for lounging and a shaded back deck.  So you can make yourself comfortable when you get on board

  • Our tours start at Caxambas Park, near the south end of the Marco Island beach. We have been chartering boat tours from this same location for over 19 years. Where your private tour goes Depends on your interests, the tour length and weather conditions and the licensed Captains discretion. We sail and sightsee the area for wildlife and go by waterfront homes. Many of our passengers are very interested in shelling so we stop on island beaches and sandbars such as Kice Morgan and Romano islands.

How do I make a reservation?

All reservations must be made on our website with a credit card deposit.
The remaining balance for your 2 or 4 hour tour will be charged by your captain at the end of your tour.
Available boat tour times will show when you pick a date for our current boat tours and or Limited sunset cruises.
If you want our longer 4 hour tour, please reserve 2 consecutive 2 hour times-slots on one boat.
Add each 2 hour tour reservation deposit to your cart separately for a 4 hour tour and check out once. 
If you have a party larger then 6, we can accommodate groups up to 12 with 2 catamarans, Please reserve both Boat 1 and Boat 2 during the same time slot. You may want to call or text about availability.

How many people are on the Private charter?

Only people and family that you invite, up to 6 passengers maximum (no exceptions 6 max), are on the Private boat tour. We do not add additional people because the tour is private. You are welcome to invite more people up to 6to share your boat tour.

All our tours are “Private” for up to 6 of only your group per catamaran. We do not charge per person. All our rates are for the whole boat up to 6 passengers Whether you have 2 passengers or 6 the price is the same and it is private. We do not add addition passengers because all our tours are Private.

 Even though our catamarans are large enough to accomodate more people. Coast Guard charter regulations and insurance allow each of our catamarans to take up to 6 passengers plus the licensed captain.

 What do I wear?

Depends on the weather: Think of what you wear when you go to the beach:

Like shorts and tees, swimwear and cover up, towel or wind breaker.

You may want to lounge or sunbathe on the trampoline.

Bring sandals you feel comfortable getting wet along with a hat and sunglasses!

On cooler days bring a windbreaker or jacket.

* Also Please try to apply sunscreen before boarding the boat. *

Arrive 10-15 minutes early so you are ready when your Catamaran arrives.

Can we swim or bring snorkel Gear?

Yes, we stop at island beach’s  for sea shell collecting. Where it is usually perfect for swimming.

You can bring your snorkel gear. We do not provide snorkeling gear. You can swim at the island beaches where we stop to shell.

Marco Island is not known for clear water it depends on the weather and sea conditions. Most people go to the KEYS for snorkeling or Marco Naples for the Sandy Beaches

But sometimes the water is clear and calm. Of course always be careful and aware of your surroundings when swimming.

What if it rains?

We do not want to be out in bad weather or rainy conditions either.

We do our best to avoid bad weather conditions at all times. We follow the weather forecast and track the radar.

So if we cancel the tour for bad or rainy we try to reschedule or just refund the reservation deposit.

Do I need to bring food/supplies?

You may bring any food or beverages you wish.

Due to Covid 19 we currently keep it simple and provide complimentary bottled water in a iced cooler. 

we encourage reservations to bring their own cooler.

Can we bring beer or wine?

Yes. You are allowed to bring alcoholic 🍾beverages on the boat. Of course We ask people drink responsibly. 

Do you have kids life jackets?

Yes kids 6 and under are required to wear life jackets. If you have a life jacket that they are used to please bring it. We also sugest for smaller kids buying the bathing suit that has the flotation inserts. 

We have all sizes of life jackets and provide shell bags.*

Can I bring a fishing pole?

Yes, you may bring along a fishing pole and tackle to fish from the beaches where we stop to explore and shell.

Please make sure you have a current Florida fishing license.

Motion or sea sickness?

Sea sickness is not common on our tours, but if you have concerns please make your captain aware. When the seas are rough we sail in the calm backwater  bays behind the mangrove islands.

 Can I show up without reservations?

Off The Hook Adventures charters require advanced reservations. Please make an online reservation to schedule your charter.

We may be able to accommodate same day reservations, however, it is best to reserve online in advance.

* You may send a text message for possible daily availability to 239-571-4665.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

We recommend using the facilities at the marina before your charter.

There is a small marine toilet located in the hull of each of our sailing catamarans, but it is not a full bathroom.

Does the tour go to the “Domes Home” ?

We do our best to accommodate based on weather conditions. However, we do not go to the dome homes on our 2 hour tour. If the wind and seas are favorable your captain may be able to sail there but will not have time to stop on an Island beach. Our longer 4 hour (double boat tour time slots) charters are recommended, which usually allows more time to for a relaxed sail to island hop on beaches toward the “Domes Home.” Most people do not realize how far away the ruins are and therefore it makes the tour just about getting there and getting back instead of enjoying a nice sail and shell with the current weather and wind conditions. 

Can we celebrate a special occasion aboard Off The Hook Adventures?

Yes, Off The Hook Adventures is happy to help you celebrate special occasions like birthdays, engagements, and small wedding parties.

We even offer Official and legal small wedding ceremonies by Captain Corey as authorized by the Governor of the sate of Florida for a Notarized wedding license.

Only an additional $50 dollar service charge on your private sailing catamaran  boat tour.

( please leave a voice mail or text message  if interested in this original and authentic boat tour upgrade.)

 *If you have concerns, please address them before making a confirmed online reservation.*

Off the Hook Adventures reserves the right to cancel any charter reservation for weather issues and safety concerns.

Off The Hook Adventures  will refund 100% of the deposit for any charters that we cancel.  

Thank you